lørdag den 4. januar 2014

Preparing the bunnies veggies

Once a week I take a trip to one of our local shops, to buy veggies for me and the bunnies. All the things I get for the bunnies is then washed and cut in smaller pieces (depending on what it is obviously). After that I mix it all up and place it into veggie-containers, and then just feed them one container full each, every night.
By doing it this way I can make sure that thay get a little of everything everyday, and then I go and buy some other veggies the next week.
It's quite a lot of work on that one day, but I really believe that it is worth it!
This is how it looked last week!

I believe that it is very important to vary their veggies every week to make sure that they get all the nutrition that they need, and also to keep everything "fresh" and exciting! I wouldn't eat the same food every single day for my entire life, so why should my bunnies? :)

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