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Clicker Training - Basics

Hi everybunny!
Since I love to clicker train with the bunbuns, I thought this would be an ideal "first entry" for the blog. I believe that rabbits needs to have an active life and not only physically! Teaching your bunny to do stuff is a great way to bond with them, and it can become very helpfull in your everyday life too!
This post will just be about the first basic steps of clicker training.

Cclicker training is based on using the sound of the click, to tell the rabbit that she/he did something right in the exact moment they do it, and that a treat will be coming every time they hear that click.
Therefor the most important step is to teach them what the click means. To do that, I clicked my rabbits and gave them a treat at the same time, 5-10 times in a row. I did that a few times a day, until they started to react immediately to the sound of the click.
After this I just started clicking and giving treats every time they did something that I wanted them to do.
Always start with small things and then slowly start to demand more and more of your rabbit, before clicking, and continue that way until they can do the entire trick.

Also, make sure that you only train for a short period of time. You should rather do it for 2-4 minutes several times a day, than 10-20 minutes at once.
Basically rabbits get bored very easily and you want to keep their attention.
- Remember the most important thing is that both you and your rabbit needs to have fun!

Here's a video of me, teaching Aiko to go into her carrier!

Remember guys; Have fun! :)

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