fredag den 9. maj 2014

Trixie Tube Tunnel With Hay Filling

Hi guys! Today I figured that I would do a review on a product from Trixie, which is one of the most popular and known brands, here in Denmark! Here's what Aiko, Raion and myself thought about it!

The Trixie Tube Tunnel With Hay Filling!
It's natural, rabbit safe wood, and it is filled with hay. On one side it has some dried carrot, and on the other side it has some dried pea. That encourages the rabbits to chew the wood, which is healthy for their teeth. It comes i different sizes and I bought the largest one, in about 30 CM.
Dried carrot and pea does have a lot of sugar, so I wouldn't just leave the log with my rabbits. Instead they were allowed to take a bite of it once or twice a week, until the point where they had eaten all of the dried goodies.
They ate the hay pretty quickly too, and they seemed overall, happy with it!
The wood is quite soft, which is good, since Aiko and Raion doesn't really chew on hard wood. Personally I like the fact that it is natural and that you can fill it up with hay, again and again!

Here's a picture of Raion, who is working very hard to get that hay out, after I refilled it!

- Natural
- Safe
- Soft Wood
- Can be reused/refilled
- It keeps them activated
- Not too expencive, at our local Petshop.

- Messy
- You have to be carefull with the dried veggies/amount of sugar

Our overall opinion?

mandag den 5. maj 2014

Jumping Adventures - Part 1

Hi guys!
Today I'll be starting something new on the blog, called Jumping Adventures!

Some of you might know, that I used to do Rabbit Jumping with Aiko, a long time ago, but since she lost interest in jumping, I just had to accept that and stop. I thought about trying it with Raion instead, but for some reason I never really gave it a try. Anyway, about a week ago, I decided that now was the time, so we gave it a try and it went really well! After that, I waited a week, and then we tried again with a few more jumps (4 jumps - we started with two), and she did really well, again!
I'm really happy about this, since I personally feel that it is a great way to bond with your rabbit! Especially because we don't compete in contests, so all that I have to worry about, is to make sure that we are both having fun!
Jumping Adventures is basically like a journal about our progress, but I can't say if it'll be on the blog, permanently, since she might loose interest in jumping as well. :)

Here's a picture from this Saturday! I'm sorry it's so blurry, but it's just a screencap from a short video, I'm working on!

I really hope that you'll enjoy following us on even more adventures!

/ Cammilla