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Keeping your bunny busy!

If you ask me, then it's very important to keep your rabbits active, and not only physically! Rabbits need tons of exersize and so does their minds! Here's a few things you do to keep them active!

Give them space!
Personally I find that rabbits are very good at keeping themselves activated as long as they have enough space. The more space they've got, the more time they'll spend on examinating everything.
Also, if they have a good amount of space to play in, then they can run, binky and flop as much as they feel like! It's always more fun to exersize when you have tons of space!

If you make sure that your bunny has some great toys, then they have something to enjoy while talking a break from all that running around! Great toys don't have to be something expensive! A lot of great toys can be made at home for free, or purchased at a cheap prize! Aiko especially enjoys bells and other things that makes noise, and large items to through around. Raion on the other hand really enjoys things to chew like wood and cardbord! Take a look at our DIY section if you need some inspiration!

Having a Friend!
Having a friend to play and cuddle with, makes it a lot more fun to run around, don't you think so? Rabbits feel the same way! Not everyone has the oppotunity to have a bonded couple so if you are one of them, then make sure that YOU are his/her best friend! Rabbits are very social animals and they need you to spend time with them!
- Always remember! Rabbits need to get fixed, and especially if they are going to live with another rabbit!

Mind games!
There are several mind games out on the market for pets, that are suitable for rabbits, and a few who's even made especially for rabbits and other small animals! Here's a few examples:

- Living World Green Interactive Smart Toy
- Living World Teach'n'treat
- Karlie Doggy Brain Train Shell

I have all of these three, and my girls absolutely loves them!

New places
New places are always exciting! Maybe you have an extra room they can run around in once in a while, or a bunny proof garden. Aiko and Raion are both harness trained so that we can go on walks together in the other part of our garden! It's a great way to bond with them and they're always extra tired when we're done! All the new scents and all the things that needs to be chinned everywhere!
- Always remenber! You should never put your rabbit in a harness and go for a walk if your rabbit feel unsecure! There are several steps in harness training your rabbit and also remember that other animals might show up and scare your rabbit, especially if you go public places! Rabbit safety first!

Clicker Training!
Clicker training is something that I personally enjoy a lot! It's a great way to bond with your rabbit and most bunnies love to use their brains! Also, it is tons of fun! I love teaching both Aiko and Raion tricks, and a while ago I taught Raion the Targetstick aswell! We are currently practicing agility! It's all just for fun, and I'm very sure that they love it too! Find more about clicker training here!

Playing with the bunbun!
I find that a lot of people forget that you can actually play with bunnies, so I decided to remind everyone. There's different ways to play with them and obviously every rabbit has their own favorite games, just like any other animal.
One of Aiko's favorite games is to follow this cat toy around! Most people get really surprised by this, but truthfully I believe it's a very common thing! My very firt rabbit when I was a child, LOVED to chase my hair around just like Aiko does with this toy, so I would often be crawling around on the floor with her! Raion on the other hand loves to push a small ball to me, and then I push it back to her. We can go on like that forever!!
Playing with you rabbit is another great way to bond with them as well!

Treat time!
I personally love giving my bunnies different types of treats, and I often use the treats to keep them active as well! There's tons of ways to do that, but in my contest entry video for RabbitPages, I show a few of our favorites!

I hope this was usefull to everyone!

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