mandag den 5. maj 2014

Jumping Adventures - Part 1

Hi guys!
Today I'll be starting something new on the blog, called Jumping Adventures!

Some of you might know, that I used to do Rabbit Jumping with Aiko, a long time ago, but since she lost interest in jumping, I just had to accept that and stop. I thought about trying it with Raion instead, but for some reason I never really gave it a try. Anyway, about a week ago, I decided that now was the time, so we gave it a try and it went really well! After that, I waited a week, and then we tried again with a few more jumps (4 jumps - we started with two), and she did really well, again!
I'm really happy about this, since I personally feel that it is a great way to bond with your rabbit! Especially because we don't compete in contests, so all that I have to worry about, is to make sure that we are both having fun!
Jumping Adventures is basically like a journal about our progress, but I can't say if it'll be on the blog, permanently, since she might loose interest in jumping as well. :)

Here's a picture from this Saturday! I'm sorry it's so blurry, but it's just a screencap from a short video, I'm working on!

I really hope that you'll enjoy following us on even more adventures!

/ Cammilla

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